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Alive and well in the Cayman Islands

Live music has come a long way, baby. From legendary troubadour The Barefoot Man to new groups on the scene like Clever Knots, and top party bands like Suite Elite, there is live music aplenty to be found at venues throughout the island.
Supporting live music is a fun thing to do, and if you’ve had a hankering to give performing a try, you can check out one of the open mic or jam nights. Hey, there’s even karaoke if you’re not ready to get a band together! Here are just a few acts that you might want to catch:

The Barefoot Man
George Nowak, aka The Barefoot Man can be found at The Wharf on Saturday nights and The Reef Resort in East End on Thursday nights. He has produced countless CDs and has fans all over the world playing his music from Australia to Alaska.
Now that he’s returned to the Seven Mile area to play once a week, he can cater to visitors and residents on either end of the island. Stop by to see him and remind yourself why he’s still so popular after all these years.

Featured in What’s Hot’s January edition, this band really is becoming a mover and a shaker in the international world. Don’t be surprised if two years from now, you’re flying to the US or beyond to see them playing big concert arenas. In the meantime, you should take your chance to catch them locally when they perform. Imagine if you’d become friends with The Beatles before they made it big? Now is the time to befriend and support these guys.

Suite Elite
This brilliant party band is mainly hired to play large private gigs, but when they’re performing at Camana Bay or other local events, you’ll definitely want to catch them. Lead singer Pam Burgess really belts out the tunes from retro to Top 40, and the band is chock-full of great talent. You won’t be able to stop your hips-a-swayin’ when you hear these artists playin’.