Photographing Couples

As Valentine Day approaches, and love fills the air, isn’t it time to get the camera out and take some couple photos! Whether you do it as a gift or just for fun, taking couple photographs can be very fun and with these tips, easy to do.

First off, your camera probably has a portrait setting. What this scene mode does is adjust your aperture, the opening of the lens, to allow more blur in the background. This allows the subjects to be the main focus of the photograph. When you photograph the couple in front of the ocean, for example, and there is a slight blur to the water, it gives a nice almost pastel painting background.

When photographing people with the sun behind them, but not in the picture, you might find that you need your flash on to help expose their faces. If the flash is too bright on their faces, you can always step back a foot which allows the light from your flash to dissipate a bit more, making the lighting look more natural.

Your flash is acting in what’s called fill flash mode. In that mode it’s not firing at 100 per cent, but just at what is required to help fill in the shadows on your subject.

It’s important to find a location to photograph that captures the couple’s personality a bit. Of course with all the beautiful beaches here in Cayman, it might seem the obvious choice but keep in mind other locales.

If a couple loves their house for example, or they want to wear ripped up jeans and pose by a chain link fence, find a suitable location for them and one they are comfortable with as well.

Now sometimes you might not want a blurry background when you are taking a couple’s photo and you want  to have something clearly in the foreground or background. A baby announcement for example.

It’s also fun to find some props to bring: a hat, a brightly colored umbrella, wacky sunglasses, anything that might add a little bit to the couple’s personality. Photographing couples with their pets is always a way to turn your photo shoot into a relaxed setting as the pet will always add to the event.

If one of the couple is a little tense because they don’t usually like their picture taken, make sure to be lighthearted and let them know it will be over in a flash. Joke with them and let them see a picture that you take and really like.

Show them that they are photogenic and have nothing to worry about. Start taking your photographs from a little distance away, then move in closer as they get more comfortable. Having a camera a foot away can be a little daunting.

So hopefully these tips will have you out taking pictures this season and photographing of all your couple friends. Once you take the pictures, remember that you can turn them into black and white or use other fun effects in your photo editing programs.

Of course for photo classes and editing lessons, you can come down to Cathy Church and let us teach you more tips and techniques.