Private boat charter at public rates

There are many reasons why people don’t own a boat, but they still want to enjoy that thrill of going out on their own schedule from time to time. charterCAYMAN has the solution.

With boats that can accommodate up to 10 guests, personal service and rates that won’t break the bank, this company caters to your every need.

charterCAYMAN is run by two friendly and experienced captains: Wayne and David. On the day that my friends and I went out, Wayne was driving the boat. From the moment we got to the dock off Ortanique at convenient Camana Bay, he was taking our bags and helping us onto the vessel.

Our belongings went into a dry holding area, he directed us to the best places to sit, pointed out the fresh water, sodas and snacks in case we were thirsty or peckish, and then asked where we’d like to go. We figured the sandbar would be a good start, as Wayne was prepared with squid to feed the stingrays.

We set out across North Sound, and the V-hull 25 foot boat cut through the slight waves neatly so it was a smooth ride. The youngest of our group, a nine year-old boy, was loving every minute of the journey, sitting up front and letting the wind whip through his hair.

When we got to the sandbar it was pretty busy, but Wayne was able to find us a nice spot close up. This is another advantage to being on a smaller private boat – with an experienced captain you can fit in anywhere.

He put down the anchor, and then got into the water with us, showing our boy how to feed the stingrays and respect them by not grabbing them or trying to lift them out. We all took turns – it was great fun.

When we were ready to go, all we had to do was say the word and Wayne got back on the boat so he could help us aboard.

Where next? How about Starfish Point? Sure, no problem!

We headed off to this idyllic spot where the sun shone down on clear, shallow waters and a couple of starfish were just hanging about. We relaxed for a bit on the shore, took a dip in the sea, and got a picture with the namesake of the area. Again, when we were ready to leave, Wayne was ready to take us. We could get used to this!

By the time we returned to Camana Bay we were all chatting like old friends. Wayne was an excellent host, and didn’t let us lift a finger. This was the life!

In case you’ve wanted to do the same but have always thought it too expensive an option, think again. If you get your family or a group of friends out with charterCAYMAN you’ll pay about the same per person as you would for a trip with a load of strangers.

Trust us; this is the way to go!

charterCAYMAN supplies: 

  • Snorkel gear
  • Fresh water wash-down
  • Stereo with CD and iPod connectivity in case you want to bring your favourite tunes