Romantic activities

It’s not all about long stemmed roses and boxes of chocolates – there are all sorts of different ways one can approach the business of romance.

And if the object of your affection is known to you, it’s a pretty safe bet that the best way to their heart is through shared interests and activities. Let’s face it, a day or an evening spent doing something active and out of the ordinary will be far more memorable than a meal in a restaurant.

Of course, if you can somehow work a sublime Caribbean sunset, starry skies or moonlit waters into the experience, it can only ramp up the romance factor.

The folks at Kirk Marine have all the tricks and toys to help you create a perfect date, from boats and personal watercraft you can tear across the North Sound on, to the Go Pro cameras that will record it all for posterity.

And to make sure you look like the perfect action hero/Bond girl, there’s a great choice of swimwear, beach wear, hats, sunglasses and footwear that are stylish and suited to a day or evening spent on the water.

It doesn’t all have to be high octane sports of course, and a gentle sunset cruise down Seven Mile Beach on your SeaDoo or Eduardono boat is pretty much anyone’s cup of tea. Just be sure to take a cooler stocked with cocktail ingredients and don’t forget to hit play on that special playlist you created…

Alternatively, get your Yolo SUPs (paddle boards) out and take a moonlit paddle up or down the beach. You can always stop for a glass of bubbly at a bar along the way, or even invest in some Coleman lamps and a cooler and set up a private candlelit picnic on the beach.

For something truly special, take your paddle boards or kayaks out into the bioluminescent bay. That special someone will be truly mesmerised by the twinkling, swirling, star-like flecks of light-emitting plankton. Dip your hands in the water and let the glittering sparks run off your skin.

Watch as each paddle stroke illuminates the water and fish dart by, their outlines aglow. It’s an other-worldly experience that neither of you will forget in a hurry.

Be sure to check out all the toys and accessories Kirk Marine has in stock to help you create that perfect date.