The perfect proposal

Making an engagement truly memorable will win you points for a lifetime each time he or she retells your engagement story. These tips will help your engagement stand out.

Take it personally
You are proposing to the woman or man of your dreams. The one person you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with. The person who is the perfectly unique match to yourself. So, make the proposal just as personalized and special as that person. Yes, you may have chosen the perfect ring, but presentation is equally important.

Choose something that will not only stun your betrothed, but also be something he or she can keep for years. Ditch the typical velvet box and go for a personalized, engraved keepsake box. Engrave something meaningful to commemorate this day. Your names, the date you were engaged or a personal love poem are ideal inscriptions.

Make it a party
A personal engagement party is something that you and your families will remember forever. Whether you choose a private, intimate locale to pop the question or a bustling public setting, convene family and friends during or afterward to celebrate together.

Don’t forget, a great party doesn’t necessarily mean great expense. Gathering at home with champagne, and a homemade music playlist can make for one of the most memorable occasions of your life.

Capture the moment
Nearly all couples choose to hire photographers and videographers to capture the memories of their wedding day. But isn’t the engagement just as momentous? As your heart begins to race when your knee bends toward the ground, the last thing on your mind will be your camera. But being able to actually look back at this moment will be something you’ll treasure for years to come.

When it’s all said and done, you and your new fiancée may not remember every tiny detail. But using these simple tips will ensure your engagement day is a truly unique, memorable experience for you both.