A. L. Thompsons: The mall for men

If there’s one place most women love to visit, it’s the mall; a large building with endless shopping possibilities full of the sights and sounds they love to see and hear. For men, their mall is A. L. Thompson’s.

This legendary store full of home goods, tools and outdoor equipment is so much more than just a stop on a shopping day; it is a place to visit and explore the many aisles filled with items you need and (more important) items you want.

Fantastic flat screens
From the minute those automatic doors slide open, you’re greeted with a range of flat-screen TVs from high-end brands like LG, a leader in viewing technology. These take watching the big game or an action flick to a whole new level with wireless and 3D capability, making you feel like you own a home theatre.
No more mobile phones in the cinema, or annoying chatter. Now you can watch whatever you want in superior high definition in the comfort of your home.

Brilliant BBQs
Then there are the BBQ grills; shiny and welcoming in a variety of shapes and sizes. Names synonymous with quality such as Weber and Char-Broil are all here, from the basic model all the way up to something that rivals an outdoor kitchen.
Some might say it’s a cliché to point out that men like to barbecue; but then is it really a cliché when it’s always true? There is nothing better than getting those steaks, burgers and hot dogs out of the fridge to throw on the grill with some spices rubbed in.
Whether your father is a fan of classic charcoal or modern gas, one of these grills could be just the ticket for an amazing Father’s Day gift.

Terrific tools
Have you ever tried to hang a picture with a butter knife, or fix a table with a broken comb? Anyone who has attempted a home repair or tried to build something with the wrong tools will tell you that the right tools make all the difference.
The selection at A. L. Thompson’s is varied, diverse and exactly what every man needs. From Milwaukee and Makita power tools to hammers, screwdrivers, tool belts, ladders and full kits, this is the place you need to go to suit up and be ready for the task at hand.

Shower speakers
Haven’t you always hated singing in the shower alone? What man wouldn’t like to have a bit of the ol’ Bob Seger or Rolling Stones pumping in the bathroom while he lathers up after a hard day? Enter the Kohler Moxie Showerhead with a Bluetooth speaker built right in! Now he can spend more time washing that dirt away whilst crooning to his favourite tunes.

Lawntastic lawnmowers
How did anyone in ye olde days manage with a manual lawnmower? The modern era has brought a great number of wonderful inventions to the table, and one of them is definitely the power mower.
If the man in your life has been slaving away in the garden with substandard mowing equipment, now’s your chance to get him something he’ll REALLY appreciate for years to come. Stop by A. L. Thompson’s and pick him out a mower that will take care of that lawn in half the time so he can spend the rest of the day in front of his LG screen.