Cayman’s best beers!

Quench your thirst with a refreshing beer.

With the heat of the summer now upon us, nothing quenches the thirst quite like a cool refreshing beer. Here’s our pick of the best:

With its distinctive green bottle and deep golden colour, this full bodied lager has been enjoyed around the world since 1873. Heineken lager has a distinctive balanced hop aroma, mild bitter taste and a crisp, clean finish.

Amsterdam Mariner
An easy drinking pale lager, this goes down a treat on a hot summer’s day. This beer has a full bodied malt and hop flavour, a slightly bitter finish, and a smooth and distinctive taste.

What’s not to love about Caybrew, Cayman’s very own beer? Caybrew is a smooth, full bodied premium lager with a crisp, clean hop character. Mouthwateringly good.

Red Stripe
Brewed in Jamaica, Red Stripe is a light, full bodied lager with a sweet and refreshing taste. Sip it under the sun in a hammock, or while listening to some cool reggae beats.


Coors Light
Produced by the Coors Brewing Company, what could be better on a sweltering day than ‘The World’s Most Refreshing Beer’? This beer even comes with a label telling you when it is chilled to perfection.

White Tip
Brewed on island by the Cayman Islands Brewery, White Tip is a moderate bodied pilsen lager, brewed in the style of a European premium brand. The finest malt and additional aroma hops provide this beer with extra flavour, a smooth bitterness and a clean, crisp plate. Even better, for every can sold, 5 cents goes to the Cayman Department of Environment’s marine conservation project, Save our Seas.

Brewed in Italy, this refreshing, smooth lager is 4.7% Alcohol by Volume and is made with the finest barley malt, maize, and hop extracts giving it a slightly bitter, yet intensely crisp taste. 

Known as the ‘King of Beers’ Budweiser is a medium-bodied, flavourful and crisp American-style lager. Brewed with the best barley malt and blend of premium hop varieties, Budweiser is the ideal beer to enjoy on a hot summer’s day.