Dwight Merren: On the frets

The Barefoot Man:  About George 

Dwight Merren is a Caymanian, born and raised, and a quick fingered guitarist with riffs that make the best of the local pickers take notice.

At age 12 he started strumming around his home with an old acoustic. His dad noticed his passion and bought him a Univox electric guitar and a 30 watt amplifier for his 14th birthday. Now there was no stopping him!

He practiced till the amp blew out and his fingers turned raw; then in the early 80s joined up with his good friends, drummer Mark McTaggart and bassist David Arch to form “Ratskyn”. This rock group gained instant popularity, and still performs regular reunion gigs at venues around the island.

In fact, just recently they had a reunification concert at the Havana Club and the place was packed like a can of sardines as they performed rock hits from the last five decades. Ratskyn has played most anywhere there’s a stage and a spotlight on Grand Cayman, however their most memorable performance was playing on stage with Motley Crue and Bon Jovi, then later as the opening band for REO Speedwagon at the Lions Centre.

Dwight’s guitar styling is rather hard to describe; it’s a fusion of Eddie Van Halen, Eric Clapton and Don Felder of the Eagles. No wonder, as these legends are some of his idols. He also has high regard for local guitarists Phillip Bodden, Jah Mitch and Jonathan Ebanks.

Dwight is not your typical rocker. He sports no earrings, tattoos or fluffed up hairdo; he’s just an all-around nice guy who loves rock n’ roll. During the day he wears a tie as the Relationship Manager at HSBC Bank and when the sun goes down he releases his inner rock-star desire anytime there’s an opportunity to play a gig.

Though he plays guitar with a fluid, easy, rambunctious style, he is a very unconventional rocker. Recently he was spotted at the Wharf dancing with his lovely wife Sue to a slow George Jones tear-jerking ballad. Wonder what KISS and Pearl Jam would have to say about that?

Dwight and the other Ratskyn members have been rockin’ the rock for nearly three decades. No rock band has played longer in Grand Cayman and much like Keith Richards (though better looking), Dwight has no intention of hanging up his guitar anytime soon.