JetPack Cayman Soar through the skies like 007

Ever fancied soaring through the skies, James Bond style? Now you can with the JetLev water jetpack, courtesy of JetPack Cayman.

The JetLev water jetpack really is the ultimate boys’ toy and you can now give it a whirl through JetPack Cayaman. The company was set up by husband and wife team Chris and Roxana Thalasinos in January of this year, who offer jetpack flights off Seven Mile Beach by the Surfside Beach Restaurant and Bar.

Strapped to your back and powered by a floating 250 horsepower marine engine, the jetpack allows you to fly some 30 feet in the air at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, or do all manner of tricks and maneuvers, such as running across water. The jetpacks works by pumping a staggering 1,000 gallons of water a minute through a 33-foot hose, before shooting it back out via twin nozzles in a powerful stream behind you, launching you through the air.

Commercially launched in 2012, this impressive piece of kit was invented by Chinese-born Canadian engineer, Raymond Li, who was inspired as a young boy watching 007’s famous escape in the popular movie Thunderball.

JetPack Cayman offers a selection of flights, including the Mercury (10 minutes), Gemini (20 minutes) or Apollo (30 minutes). The flight experience starts with a short Jet Ski ride to the launch boat, moored just off shore in about 12 foot of water, before the instructor runs over how to operate the jetpack. Participants are then kitted out, before being eased into the water, ready to start the flight.

“People get very excited when they first see it, especially people who grew up in the era of Buck Rogers and James Bond,” Chris says. “The ability to fly freely over the water, to be able to look down and see the fish swimming below you, there’s just nothing like it. It’s totally unique. It’s really is the ultimate bucket list must do.”



Stephen Clarke