Meet the Staff

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Jose is originally from La Ceiba,

Honduras and has been working for Island Companies for a year this month. He can be found at The Mansion in Camana Bay, and is always easy to locate thanks to his big smile.

Did you grow up in Honduras?
Yes. It was a great place to grow up – very friendly and very safe. I have a lot of good memories; going to the beach, the mountains and seeing the rivers.

Did you attend university?
I started studying law. I was taking it at nighttime and teaching English in the day. The day job went so well that I ended up leaving university to open my own school. I taught English to adults and company professionals. I left in June 2012 to come to the Cayman Islands.

What do you like about working for Island Companies at The Mansion?
I really like it – it’s a great place to work. The staff are from all around the world, and our brands are excellent. Being a watch guy I love the Ulysse Nardin line of watches we sell.



Mahesh hails from Jabalpur, India and has been in Cayman for four years

When you’re downtown you’ll see him in Island Jewellers, Island Plaza where he specialises in diamonds.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be an army officer, but that didn’t work out [laughs].

How old were you when you left India?
I was 18. I went to Dubai to start my career in retail; it was a fascinating place. I stayed there for two years selling electronics and raw gold before moving to the Caribbean.

Where did you go?
St. Maarten. This is when I began selling fine jewellery and watches.
After that I worked on cruise ships for just over three years, and then I came to Grand Cayman in 2009 to work for Island Companies.

What do you like about your job?

I have lots of experience in retail now so I really enjoy it, and I’m proud to be a diamond professional and diamond grader.
Island Companies has a family atmosphere, and I have great colleagues. You also feel good about selling such high-quality products.



Meena was born in Hyderabad, India and came to the Cayman Islands three years ago

She is now surrounded by watches she loves at Island Time in Island Plaza.

What did you study in university?
I got my BSc in computer technology, and then I was Customer Care Manager for Honda.

Why did you leave India?
My husband worked in the Cayman Islands. I had already visited here on vacation and really liked the place, so I came to join him in 2010.

How long have you been at Island Companies?
Nearly two years. I was first at Watch.Me and then I moved over to Island Time.

How do you like working in Island Time?
I love watches, so it suits me perfectly. For example, Frederique Constant is a relatively new brand, yet it is doing so well, and of course two of my top favourites are Ulysse Nardin and Cuervo y Sobrinos.

What do you like about working for Island Companies?
The variety of products. I meet customers that share different experiences with me, and even though we’re all different cultures, we still appreciate the same things.







Jose Zambrano; Mahesh Kundnani, Meena Bhenwal