Men’s fitness: Looking good for the summer

It isn’t just women who worry about looking good in swimsuits for the summer; men are just as body conscious and wouldn’t mind sporting a six-pack or two as they wander down the beach in nowt but a pair of surfing shorts.

Chris Spigner, our male model on the front of this magazine, also happens to be a certified Level 1 CrossFit trainer employed by CrossFit Seven Mile. By the looks of things, if anyone knows how to tone the body, it’s him.

“Exercise is very important,” he says, “but diet is also a huge factor. Honestly, what you eat translates to about 70 per cent of how you look.”

CrossFit has become a very popular method of exercising and training, thanks to its combination of cardio, strength training and community spirit. It is therefore a perfect choice for anyone trying to get a swimwear-ready bod for the summertime.

How long will it take before you see results? “You should see them within a month,” says Chris, “but again, the better you eat; the faster the change.”

“Lowering your alcohol intake is a good start, and reducing your consumption of bad carbs. In fact, it’s best to stay away from anything man-made.

“If it’s on a label and you can’t pronounce it; odds are good it’s not natural.”

If you sign up for CrossFit, you can expect a lot of different exercises in your routine that will train the whole body instead of one isolated area and keep you from getting bored.

Compound strength training will include fun stuff like back squats, dead lifts and push presses, and then you’re into the cardio. This can be anything from running, swimming or rowing for 10 to 20 minutes.

The group spirit will help to buoy you when you need the support, and so will the trainers.

“You have to realise that it won’t be instantaneous change,” Chris says, “but if you stick with it and stay positive, the results will be remarkable.”




Stephen Clarke