Mizu and The Waterfront: A golden combination

Goldmember in June

Take a walk along the crescent of Camana Bay heading north and you’ll find the newest additions to this growing family. Mizu and The Waterfront are two great dining spots with very different attitudes, yet they have a number of things in common, including terrific food and Caybrew beer.

The Waterfront is an urban diner with brilliant views of the Camana Bay harbour and traditional home-cooked soul food on the menu. Signature dishes like the club sandwich, massive spaghetti and mozzarella-stuffed meatball (Chef Steve Shienfield stresses “ONE meatball”) and a divine cinnamon bun the size of a car tyre have already brought curious and hungry patrons through the doors in droves.

On tap at the bar you’ll find Caybrew and Ironshore Bock lagers – two of Caybrew’s very popular products, made right here in the Cayman Islands. Hey, what goes better with soul food than an icy cold brew?

Mizu is right next door – an Asian inspired restaurant with warm tones and a relaxed, chic atmosphere. You’ll discover Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Malaysian dishes on the menu and signature mouthwatering choices include the Singapore noodles, homemade dim sum, traditional curries and sushi.

Chef Steve works with local farmers and fishermen to get the freshest stuff on the market and it shows in the cuisine.

Behind the bar you’ll probably find Jerry Zavadian pulling a pint or three of Caybrew at its finest. It’s a nice spot to have a drink with friends before or after your meal, and of course nothing digests food like Caybrew or Ironshore Bock. They’re the digestives of the Cayman Islands!

Stop by to see Jerry at The Waterfront or Mizu and enjoy a pint of the good stuff with a fantastic meal.

The prices are very reasonable and the reviews are rave.