The Bootcamp

Change your mind, change your body, change your life!

Fitness is really nothing to do with looking like Hulk Hogan, over-muscled frame glistening with oil and shouting slogans at the sky.

What it is about it maximizing your potential and achieving your personal physical goals, whilst always considering the overall picture.

Ronnie James Hughes is the chief instructor at The Bootcamp on Industrial Way and he notes that the experience is based a lot more on the mental side of things and looking at what people are doing outside of the gymnasium.

“We are an academy more than anything and our focus is on people’s health and state of mind before they even come into the gym,” he says.

“We want to make sure primarily that people are feeling good and thinking good. From there we then focus on mobility – we promote health and a commonsense approach first and foremost. Then there’s movement of bodyweight and resistance, and then we add skill factors in depending on what people want to do.”
Options include Israeli Krav Maga or Brazilian Ju-Jitsu at this stage, with an inherent flexibility allied to a focus on goals rather than a mere formless workout.

For guys in particular, the message is that fitness comes first from the inside.

“Some guys are bothered about their appearance, being muscular and ripped, but I am more focused on what people are capable of. Health and capability is far more important than looking big and tough but not having the capability to defend yourself and the people you care about,” says Ronnie.

“And from a health point of view it is more important to be functional. You see people that are aesthetically ‘fit’ and have all the muscles and so on, but the pressure on their heart and the body fat levels does not do you any health benefits. It is more important to feel fit than to look fit.”

Ronnie says that the fuel you put into your body is important.

“I am not a fan of diets per se. If you stick to the basics of plenty of fruit, veg and water, white meat proteins and eat sensibly, that is the way to go.

“The problem is not the food itself but the train of thought and the associations. When you go to the cinema you want to eat popcorn but you don’t go home and eat it for dinner. Some food also has addictive chemicals that makes your body want to crave them. But I want to get people associating their food with the long-term result, not the immediacy of the sugar or salt content.”

The slogan, indeed is: Change your mind, change your body, change your life.

A simple set of words that can be applied to a personal, custom-created training plan based on achievable goals in and out of the gym. Each individual can then realize their potential in the company of experts there to advise, support and encourage. The journey is just beginning…