The male of the species


Ah…the mystery that is man. Not mankind; just man.

As Confucius once said “Man is like a box of chocolates with the label missing. Full of surprises.” (Actually Confucius didn’t say anything of the sort; this is artistic license).

This feature is devoted to men, which is fitting as Father’s Day falls in June. Fathers should be appreciated for all they do. Mothers are typically seen as the nurturing parent, but the relationship between a Dad and his children is equally important. Who can forget the end of “Field of Dreams”?

Not a dry eye in the house.

In the coming pages you’ll find great gift ideas, men’s fashion, and information relating to men’s health and fitness.

These days it is becoming more common for men to visit the spa for a massage, facial and manicure; indulgences that for years were considered feminine in nature. Men get just as stressed sometimes, and are beginning to realise the benefits of such treatments.

There are a number of shops in the Cayman Islands carrying top name brands in designer clothes, colognes, leather goods and jewellery. A man can basically find everything he needs to look dapper and feel great at all times.

Let’s not forget as well that this issue covers the Million Dollar Run and Jet Around Cayman. Great events that will no doubt appeal to any man with even a hint of testosterone running through his system.

Rugged or sensitive, jeans or a dinner jacket, every man will find something in this feature to interest him.

Gentlemen, this one’s for you.