Freddy’s Dive sites

Main Story: : John “Freddy” Frederick of Epic Divers 

North West Point – Boat Dive
The pin is in 70ft of water. Follow the line to the pin and go east about 100 feet; you will see a small swim through that heads west. Continue west and follow the contour, keeping the wall on your right hand side. Keep a look out for turtles and all types of eels; this is definitely the site for them. Continue northwest for 10-15 minutes and then circle back on top of the reef. Once you are near the boat, look out for another larger swim through. This site is a little deeper so make sure you keep an eye on your computer! Sponges and soft corals abound.

Kent’s Caves – Boat Dive
Kent’s Caves site is on the southwest side of the island and has the most epic caves and swim throughs of any Grand Cayman dive site.  The pin is at about 35ft. Follow the pin to the bottom and head east. Look around and you will find lots of places to explore. There are caves that range from quite large to quite small so ensure you have plenty of air before exploring too far. We often see sleeping nurse sharks and lots of lobsters at this truyly special and unique dive site.