Fruitz by Philip Stein: Time to have some colour in your life

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Summertime is full of light and colour, so why not join in the fun with a colourful watch on your wrist? It can brighten any outfit and doubles as jewellery thanks to its modern design and eye-catching shades of raspberry, orange, grape, watermelon and grapefruit.

Fruitz watches by Philip Stein make you smile with style! Available in a variety of colours and “flavours”, all Fruitz watches feature Natural Frequency Technology, which is clinically shown to reduce stress and improve sleep.

Like the benefits that the body receives from the vitamins in whole fruits, science proves that you may get equally powerful benefits from wearing Fruitz watches.

Fabulous Fruitz can be found at Watch.Me in the Flagship Store, Island Plaza and Camana Bay, as well as in Island Time & Design at Owen Roberts International Airport. It’s time you bought one.

Collection ranges from US$225 to US$295.