John “Freddy” Frederick of Epic Divers

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John “Freddy” Frederick spent a number of years working in the world of finance, but despite donning a tie every day, he was always a scuba diver at heart. He is now living his dream, running one of the newest dive operations in the Cayman Islands. 

What’s Hot: Where were you born?
John Frederick: Denver, Colorado.

WH: Well, that seems a logical place for diving.
JF: Exactly! [Laughs]

WH: Have you always been a sporty person?
JF: Yep; I was always riding motorcycles, playing football, snowboarding and scuba diving.

WH: When did you first become interested in scuba diving?
JF: Junior High School. We’d go diving in lakes, quarries…not very glamorous. The warm waters of Colorado! [Laughs]

WH: Is scuba diving a big deal in Colorado?
JF: It’s actually very big there. Believe it or not, at one point it had more divers per capita than any other state.

WH: Did you get your dive certifications there?
JF: Just my Open Water cert. It was later on that I took my professional stuff.

WH: What did you study in grad school?
JF: Finance. I also was in the military for five years at West Point and I did a lot of diving then. I got my Advanced and Rescue Diver while I was working in Maryland for Wacovia Bank. Once I got my Divemaster certification, I moved to the Cayman Islands.

WH: Why Cayman?
JF: I wanted to escape all the finance stuff. I got a job at Sunset Divers and finished my Instructor course there.

WH: How long were you with Sunset?
JF: I started there in 2006 and stayed for 18 months. Then I went to teach marketing at UCCI for two years, followed by a two-year stint as the registrar.

WH: When did you open Epic Divers?
JF: We officially started up in August 2012.

WH: What made you want to start your own company?
JF: We wanted to do things a bit differently, so we cater more to executive, families and locals. We’ve got one large boat with a maximum of 10 divers aboard so our clients get lots of personal attention.

WH: What services do you offer?
JF: All gear rental, courses up to the first part of the Instructor certification, all PADI specialties including Nitrox, and pickups from Hurley’s at Grand Harbour to West Bay. We can even pick people up on the beach with our boat, thanks to its design and centre ladder.

WH: Are you happy with the career you’ve chosen over finance?
JF: Very much so. I get to spend quality time with quality customers; it’s a great life!


John “Freddy” Frederick of Epic Divers