Kiss and Make Up Day: Smooth things over in style

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There are lots of holidays out there, but who knew there was a Kiss and Make Up Day? Believe it or not, it is recognised on the calendar as falling on 25 August. That’s a Sunday in 2013, so what better way to really put things right than to organise a lovely day out and perhaps a gift from Island Companies?

Dear Cupid,
I forgot to take my girlfriend out on our anniversary because I was at a football game with my friends. How can I make it up to her?
Signed, In the Doghouse

Dear In the Doghouse,
If you really want to go all out, diamond jewellery from Island Jewellers should certainly do the trick, and with many collections available, you can buy her a matching piece if you ever (hopefully don’t) forget again.
Sincerely, Cupid

Dear Cupid,
I pushed my boyfriend in the pool last weekend but forgot he had his watch on, which is now ruined. Helpppppp!
Signed, Sorry Suzie

Dear Sorry Suzie,
This is an easy one! Just visit Island Time or Watch.Me to buy him a new one, preferably waterproof! You’ll find a terrific range from the timeless to the practical at these stores, and one of the helpful sales staff members will give you all the information you need to pick the perfect replacement.
Sincerely, Cupid