National Trust Tours: Immerse yourself in our local heritage

The National Trust is an important organisation, preserving the natural and built heritage of the Cayman Islands. It now offers a number of interesting and informative tours that residents and visitors can enjoy, including the Mastic Trail, Mission House, Tale of Two Cities and the Cayman Home and Garden tour.

The Mastic Trail is a traditional path that passes through the heart of the 843-acre Mastic Reserve. Learn about native flora and fauna as you walk through this national treasure.

The Mission House served as a home and school during its early history. Oral history accounts suggest it was built by slave labour prior to 1835, and over the years it was home to missionaries and families. There are many genuine artefacts on display which add to this tour experience.

The Tale of Two Cities and Cayman Home and Garden tours highlight important sections of these islands, including the first capital, Bodden Town and the current capital, George Town.