The long hot summer: Shine like the sun

There is no doubt that August is one of the summer months. It’s hot outside, the blue sea looks even more inviting than usual, and the sun is blazing in the sky. That big, bright yellow orb brings warmth to the world and has been worshipped throughout ancient history by many cultures, tribes and civilisations.

Gold has always been closely associated with the sun, due to its colour and shine. At Island Companies’ many locations in George Town and Camana Bay, you’ll find a fine selection of gold jewellery to add warmth and radiance to any outfit you wear. From designer pieces to antique coins, you’ll have your choice of adornments whether your taste runs to the small and subtle or the large and bold.

Gurhan jewellery is known for its blend of individuality and enduring elegance; its designs are both classic and high-fashion.

Two main lines constitute the brand, one of which is the 24k pure gold line, handcrafted using the techniques of ancient metalsmiths. An award winning designer, Gurhan is renowned for pioneering the revival of 24 karat gold jewellery. His exceptional creations, remarkable workmanship and fascinating use of stones and antiquities, appeal to international retailers as well as celebrities and collectors.

It is the highly personal dimension of Gurhan jewellery that resonates with the woman who owns it.

Antique coins have always been a popular form of jewellery, particularly when they are set in gold, perhaps enhanced by diamonds or other fine gemstones. Beyond the aesthetic attraction, they are pieces of history – currency from ancient empires that are gone but not forgotten.

Island Jewellers in Island Plaza offers an excellent selection of Spanish Cobs, Ancient Greek and Roman Imperial Coins. Each comes with a certificate of authenticity, and if you have any questions, you can ask the in-house expert, Meschia Santiago. She is a member of the American Numismatic Association and passionate about these unique works of art.

If you’re looking for some extra sparkle, you might be interested in a yellow diamond that is as radiant and beautiful as the sun itself. Island Exotics Coloured Diamonds has a stunning yellow and white diamond ring in its collection, set in 18k gold. Or you can take a look at the simply dazzling pear-shaped yellow diamond necklace on display at Island Jewellers in The Flagship Store.

No matter what piece of golden or sparkling yellow jewellery you choose to wear, you’ll always feel like a sun goddess when you buy a treasure from Island Companies.