A. L. Thompson’s DIY beauty

Main Story: There is beauty all around us 

Shoppers might be forgiven for thinking that A. L. Thompson’s is mainly geared towards men. With a great selection of name brand tools, nails, lumber and everything else to completely take up a weekend of DIY around the house, it is understandably considered to be a premier provider of such goods.

This store excels when it come to buying products for the home. Did you know that A. L. Thompson’s stocks a huge range of items that focus specifically on home beauty treatments? For those who can’t seem to find the time or budget to visit a salon or spa on a regular basis, they can create a sanctuary in the comfort of their own home so they can pamper themselves on their own time. It turns out that A. L. Thompson’s could just be the perfect shop for the DIY woman as well.


Hair care

Not everyone was blessed with the hair type they desire. It seems that the curly tops crave straight, silky hair, and the straight haired gals dream of having waves. Conair has been a trusted name in hair care for decades, and at A. L. Thompson’s you’ll find Conair curlers and straighteners to help you achieve the look you want either every day or for special events.

The store also carries hot rollers and blow dryers for even more options.

You’d be amazed at the many different styles that become possible with Conair in your hand.


Body and soul

Heaven knows at the end of a tough day or week, your body could do with some relaxation and rejuvenation. With a fantastic range of shower and body items, A. L. Thompson’s can cure what ails ya.

If you’ve ever had a shower in a spa or top hotel, chances are good that you’ve experienced the wonder of a rain shower head. A large expanse of water comes cascading down upon you, making you feel like you’re showering under a remote waterfall in the jungle (without the frogs). You can have that wonderful feeling at home! Just remove your own shower head, and replace it with a rain style version. It’s so simple and so effective, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it years ago.

Who doesn’t love massage? Or a Jacuzzi bath? Homedics is the first name in home solutions to services previously only enjoyed in a professional spa. From a paraffin bath (wonderful for smoothing rough skin) to the Body Bubbles Bath Spa, foot spas, and body and foot massagers, A. L. Thompson’s is proud to stock an array of Homedics products to soothe all those aches and pains. When you feel good, you look good!



Your teeth are one of your most important assets, particularly when it comes to your smile. A white, gleaming smile radiates beauty, so why not keep your teeth and gums healthy with a Conair InterPlak electric toothbrush? The rotating oscillation of power toothbrushes has been proven to remove plaque and help prevent gum disease, so what are you waiting for? Pick one up at A. L. Thompson’s today.

Your gorgeous reflection

Once you’ve pampered yourself with all these fantastic beauty items, step back and admire your work in a Conair illuminated vanity mirror, or indeed any of the many mirrors that you’ll find at A. L. Thompson’s.

Make your DIY beauty routine a success, by purchasing quality products from A. L. Thompson’s. After all, they’re known for stocking all the tools of the trade.