Graham’s Place: A little piece of Honduras heaven


Graham Thompson, originally from the Cayman Islands, bought a private eight-acre key off the Bay Island of Guanaja about 20 years ago. Over time, he built a number of residences on it, and it has now become “Graham’s Place” – a wonderful, laid-back resort offering world-renowned fishing, a full bar and restaurant, and an ocean view from every room.

Anyone who grew up in the Cayman Islands will feel waves of nostalgia washing over them as they walk around Graham’s Place. The buildings are a kaleidoscope of colors, with a bar and restaurant deck out over the water, hammocks hanging from trees, and cabanas and outdoor showers fashioned from everyday items, plants and shells. One of the most curious structures is the large, multicolored cabana that at first glance may look like the remnants of a carousel, but it is actually an old satellite dish that Thompson took, painted, and converted into a shady meeting place.

Accommodations have been built to suit singles, couples and families. There are four bungalows in a row; individual buildings with front decks, swing seats and steps that take you right to the beach. The main hotel has 16 rooms over three floors with waterfront balconies, and the house that was originally built for Thompson’s family has four rooms downstairs and two upstairs. Again, all look out on the beach. There is no bad view to be had, no matter where you stay.

While staying at Graham’s Place, you can go kayaking, try stand up paddle-boarding, or even bring your kite surfing gear along to take advantage of great weather conditions and fine winds.

The bonefish, permit and tarpon are plentiful around the key, attracting fishing enthusiasts from all over the world to spend a few days there. Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures in Montana is just one of the websites that promotes Graham’s Place as an excellent fishing destination, not just for the reef fish, but for big game as well. Fishermen have said it is the only place they know of in the world where one can fish for permit at night.

After a day of fishing, there’s nothing better than sitting on the restaurant deck or at the bar and ordering a cold beverage and a hot meal. The menu at Graham’s Place would rival any casual dining establishment in the Cayman Islands, and even features treats like lobster thermidor. With the local exchange rate, you may find yourself enjoying lobster every night.

One of the best parts of Graham’s Place is Graham himself. The man is a great character who has transformed this key into a little piece of heaven here on earth.

Once you visit Graham’s Place you’ll understand why this part of the world captured his heart, because you’ll be captured too.

See for more information and summer specials. You can fly Cayman Airways to La Ceiba and then catch a puddle jumper to Guanaja where you’ll be picked up by boat and spirited away to Graham’s Place.