Breezes By The Bay: Pirates Gold be blowin’ in, me hearties

It’s time again for Pirates Week, and there’s no better spot to watch all the festivities, than Breezes By The Bay. This two-story “tropical grill and rhum deck” overlooks the blue water of the harbor, where scalawags and marauders will soon be approaching. Arrrrrrhhhh!

Breezes has a fantastic menu of grub for hungry pirates to sample, and what goes best with terrific local fare? Beer from the local brewery of course! The Cayman Islands Brewery is famous for its Caybrew, Caybrew Premium Light, Ironshore Bock and White Tip Lager, but one of its rare treasures is its Pirates Gold Lager in the black can with the gold skull-and-crossbones emblazoned on the front.

Y’see, Pirates Gold only appears when the ships are on the horizon, and it’s around for a limited time, so swashbucklers and wenches need to seek it out before it disappears. Luckily, “X” marks the spot at Breezes By The Bay and a number of other grog-dispensing bars, so there’s no need to go without your pirate brew.

The Pirates Landing and Float Parade are scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 8, 2014, when George Town comes to life with the sound of cannons, sword fighting, and lots of bloodcurdling screams. It’s a spectacle that you don’t want to miss, and the balconies of Breezes offer great views of all the entertainment. You just have to make sure you get there early to grab a good table. Once you’re seated, you can relax, order some food, and enjoy a Pirates Gold Lager or three.

“Breezes By The Bay is always in the center of the action,” says Steven Hayes, manager. “We strongly suggest people get here early on the day.”

Pirates Gold Lager is usually available until around December, at which point it disappears again, much like buried treasure. Will it reappear next year? One never knows, so you definitely want to grab some while you can.