Fashion trends 2014: Hot looks for fall

Admittedly a lot of the fall fashion that hit the runways in New York, Paris and London, is unsuitable for the Caribbean temperatures. Coats, sweaters and turtlenecks may be in elsewhere, but you don’t want to risk heatstroke down here, just to keep up with all the trends.

Luckily there are some looks that will work very well in warmer climes, so get ready to start shopping for your fall wardrobe. Remember that local boutiques will be carrying lots of the latest stuff, so no need to travel to find what you need.

The 60s are so very 21st century

Shows like Mad Men certainly paved the way for retro looks to resurface in the market, and right now the 60s look of mini skirts, knee-high boots and fab accessories are hot to trot.
When it comes to this particular decade, it isn’t just about the cut and design of the clothes; it’s also about the colours. Don’t be afraid to go bold and brassy to get noticed.

Dresses over pants

Yep, that happened. Maybe you thought it was never possible, or maybe you just figured that if you hoped, willed and dreamed it enough, your choice of wearing a dress over a favorite pair of trousers would finally be considered acceptable, nay, incredibly fashionable.
The designers have spoken, and top magazines such as Elle and Cosmopolitan have chimed in. Start pairing.


This could be a gift from the gods, particularly for those women who have been crippled by 6-inch torture devices at clubs and parties. Do we really think that Converse and Adidas will be replacing Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and Manolos at the big, fancy affairs? Probably not, but it’s nice to know that if you choose them as an alternative, you’ll have runway proof to back you up.
Speaking of which, the runway models must be thanking their lucky stars.

Leopard print

Is leopard print ever really out of fashion? It seems that no matter what year or even decade we’re in, this perennial favorite pops up.
This fall, beautiful silhouettes give the print a refreshed look, and yet again, it becomes a hot item. It seems that the rule of thumb is that you can throw out your corduroy, your velvet and your pleats, but leopard print is eternal.


Orange you feeling blue?

Both orange and blue are hot colors for the season, which can be worn together or separately. Think that orange might not be the hue for you? Don’t worry – there are lots of shades and tones to choose from.
As for blue, that’s a no-brainer when you live in the Cayman Islands. The sea is blue all year round, and you can be too.

Statement bags

If you’ve got a lot to say, or a definite opinion on a subject or three, why say it out loud when you can display it on a loud bag? Statement bags from such names as Karen Walker and Kate Spade have been spotted at recent fashion shows, so say it loud and say it proud!

Hats, hats, hats!

Tall crown hats, cowboy hats, wide-brimmed hats…they are in like Flynn, and where better to embrace them, than in a place where sensitive, vulnerable skin is constantly exposed to the sun?
So if you’ve wanted to dress up like a cowpoke, or sport a natty fedora, now’s your chance.