Morgan Sweeney of Lobster Pot Dive Centre

Morgan Sweeney is the embodiment of what we’d consider to be the “outdoorsy” type. She is fresh faced, very blond, and always full of energy. She’s also pretty young, even for the dive industry, and moved to the Cayman Islands without knowing a soul here.

It hasn’t taken her long to make her mark, however, and when she’s not under the waves, she’s treading the boards at the local theater, pursuing her love of acting and singing.

What’s Hot: Where were you born?
Morgan Sweeney: New Hampshire. I was there until about the age of 14, and then I attended a boarding school in Vermont, about two hours away.

WH:    Boarding school? Why?
MS:     it was a really awesome school – The Putney School. They had a kind of hippy style, with a dairy farm that we’d work on. It was great!
WH:     University?
MS:     No, not yet! [laughs]
WH:     When did you first try diving?
MS:     I was only 12 years old. My family spent lots of time in Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos, so I took my open water course there.
WH:     Did you love it immediately?
MS:     I took the course with my brother and sister, and on my first open water dive, we saw a pod of dolphins, so yeah, you could say I loved it from the beginning! [laughs]
WH:     Where did you take the rest of your certification courses?
MS:     Actually, right here in Cayman with Go Pro. I researched it, and even though I didn’t know anyone here, it seemed like a lovely place with good diving, clean and safe, so I flew here in May 2013.
WH:    When did you become an instructor?
MS:    August 2013
WH:    What do your parents think of you being an instructor?
MS:    They think it’s brilliant – they are very supportive.
WH:    What do you like most about your job?
MS:    The best thing is seeing someone who’s never tried diving, experiencing the reef for the first time. You can see the wonder in people’s eyes – I think it changes their lives. It’s very therapeutic, in a way.
WH:    What do you like about working for Lobster Pot Dive Centre?
MS:    First of all, we get tons of new divers on a regular basis, so I’m always meeting different people; and second, as we have partner companies, I get to interact with a lot of staff members, even though we’re a small operation.
WH:    What are your plans for the future?
MS:    I want to attend musical theater school in New York, but I’ll still be diving there. It’ll just be a bit colder. [laughs] 


Dive sites
Cheeseburger Reef – Shore dive
George Town

The pin is in 20 feet of water. Once you get to the reef, you can head for a couple of swimthroughs, where one always has a lot of tarpon in it, and at this time of year, the other is packed with silversides.
There are loads of flamingo tongues about, and rays hanging out over the sandy spots. This is a great dive site for first timers, and I never tire of it.

Wreck of the Oro Verde – Boat dive
George Town

The pin is at about 40 feet, so this is another nice, shallow dive. Go around and explore the wreck, which has become an artificial reef over time. You’ll discover eels under pieces of debris, and as the site is right next to Eagle’s Nest wall, you can look out for Fin the nurse shark, who hangs there all year round.

This is a pretty compact site, so it won’t take much energy to dive it.