Summer’s coming! Tips to freshen up your beauty routine

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Somewhere in her home, almost every woman has at least one drawer, cabinet or box overflowing with beauty products, and this can translate to a cluttered and outdated beauty routine.

This spring, it is time to get organized and replace tired habits and products with something better before summer arrives.

“Streamline your beauty routine and clean out cosmetic clutter. Less is best for a woman on the go,” says beauty expert Mickey Williams.

“Whether you’re trying to get your kids out the door in the morning, or prepping for a day of big meetings, no one wants last season’s products to slow down her beauty routine.”

Give your color palette a seasonal update. Adjust your makeup palette to play off of the brightness of spring and summer. Maybe you aren’t ready to dive into the matte marsala lip trend, but adding a bright gloss to your lips or shimmering shadow to your lids will perk up your skin tone and awaken the face.


Sleeveless styles mean it’s time to change your deodorant. It’s sleeveless season and now is the time to replace your deodorant with one that goes beyond odor and wetness protection. Make a choice that will keep you feeling fresh and confident, and keeps your underarms soft and smooth,” Williams says.

Switch up your moisturizing routine. It may be getting warmer, but you still need to keep your skin hydrated. Try swapping the thick face creams you may have used in the cooler months for a gel to seal in your favorite serum. They hold mega moisture and offer hydration in a lightweight formula. There are even gels with SPF so your skin can stay protected and moisturized.

Speaking of SPF, the coming summer months are the hottest of the year in the Cayman Islands. Although we are blessed with sunshine all year round, we really feel the sun’s rays as we approach June.

It is absolutely imperative that you invest in sunblock, and moisturizers that offer protection. Beyond the premature aging that sun damage can bring, it can be even more serious than that, leading to skin cancer. Don’t leave the house without making sure your skin is wearing a protective barrier.


Throw out old nail products. Nothing says spring like a pretty pedicure, but if you’re using last season’s products, you could actually do more harm than good.

Bacteria can grow on old manicure and pedicure products like nail files and pumice stones, so make sure you buy new ones for spring.

It’s time to bring out the bright reds, passionate pinks and vibrant violets.