Vacationing in Cayman: Summer is the time to get out there!

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There are so many things on the island for you to do, that not leaving the island this summer doesn’t mean your vacation has to be boring. There are plenty of activities and attractions for you to explore right here in Cayman Islands that will enhance your summer break.

Stingray City

The human-friendly stingrays at Stingray
City await you! One of Cayman’s most popular attractions for
non-swimmers and snorkelers, the Sandbar area (as it is officially
known) allows for hands-on interaction with the stingrays; feeding and
petting them. The stingrays will swim along with you in only three feet
of water in this shallow area suitable for all ages.

Tours are available
through companies like Captain Marvin’s and Red Sail Sports.

Submarine Trip

a memorable, relevant and unique vacation, taking a trip to the
underwater world is an absolute must! You can explore Cayman’s National
Marine Park, discovering the beautiful coral reef and captivating
tropical fish in air-conditioned comfort.

Atlantis Submarine takes guests down to 100 feet in both the day and nighttime, offering unprecedented views of sea creatures.


The Jetovator is a new way to explore Cayman
riding the coolest machine. It’s a jet powered bike that allows riders
to soar up in the air and down into the water. It also allows riders to
perform stunts such as spins, barrel rolls and back flips. The Jetovator
is available for rental from White Sand Water Sports. 


Scuba Diving

The Cayman Islands has always been a premier destination for scuba diving. Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman offer some of the finest wall diving and snorkeling in the world, due to the islands’ position atop submerged mountains. Explore the watery underworld by diving sites such as the Kittiwake, Babylon, Devils Grotto, Eden Rock and Stingray City. 


Stand-Up Paddleboard

Stand-Up Paddleboard is one of the fastest growing watersports worldwide and Cayman is no exception. With the use of only a paddle, board, and a life vest you are assured of a good core muscle workout along the soothing mystical waters of Seven Mile Beach and beyond. Paddleboards are available for rental from Cayman Stand Up Paddle Co. or Red Sail Sports. Paddleboard Yoga is also available on Seven Mile Beach at sunset.


Soar through the skies of Grand Cayman at 400+ feet and get a bird’s-eye view of the Seven Mile Beach. It’s so quiet and tranquil up there, and the vista is absolutely spectacular.
Service is provided by Blue Water Beach, Parasailing Professionals and Blue Reef Water Sports. 




Amanda Nicholls