Cayman Airways: Fly to the Big Apple and beyond this fall

There are many advantages to flying the national airline, Cayman Airways. For starters, you get two free checked bags, regardless of what class you fly. Then there’s the complimentary rum punch, meal in business class, and of course, the personalized Caymankind service for which the company is famous.

Now that the leaves are turning from green to the brilliant fiery oranges and reds of fall, there is no better time to visit New York. The weather is crisp and cool and there is just something in the air that tells you the holiday season is on its way.



The island of Manhattan is the epicenter of all things shopping, dining, entertainment and nightlife. The lights of Broadway burn bright while Central Park is a place of wonder and magic, particularly at this time of the year.

Take a bus tour to learn more about the city or go walking down Fifth Avenue and window shop. Visit the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and don’t forget one of Manhattan’s true icons – Macy’s at Herald Square. It announces itself as “The World’s Largest Store” and it certainly feels like it when you’ve been walking around there for hours!

You can be busy for every second of every day in New York if you wish, or you can take a book and sit in the park, marveling at the beauty of the nature surrounding you. The atmosphere here always seems different from anywhere else in the world … in a good way.

New York State 

When people talk about flying to New York, it’s automatically assumed that they’re staying in the city. Absolutely, the city is a fantastic, amazing, exhilarating place to be, but remember that it’s only a very small part of New York State. If you have a week or more to spare, why not enjoy the best of both worlds?

You can take a train to the famous Hamptons or Montauk, or drive across the state line to New Jersey and all that Atlantic City has to offer.

Fans of roller coasters and the like should head to Coney Island in Brooklyn. It’s a classic place with lots to amuse and entertain, with rides and attractions aplenty.

New York has a number of state parks and lots of sights to see, so why not explore a little further outside the city?

Visit family

Halloween is coming up in October, followed by Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving in November, and the holiday season after that. If you have family and friends you want to visit in the U.S., odds are good that Cayman Airways can help take you there. Those two free checked bags will sure come in handy when you’re taking gifts for loved ones, and bringing lots of shopping back!

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