September summer specials


  Spa Day with the Girls

 Spa specials: Relax for less 

When we talk about September, the subjects usually revolve around back-to-school, restaurants closing and staycation or spa specials.

Kids are definitely going back to the halls of learning, but although some of the restaurants close in September, there are many that remain open. As for staycations and spas, now is the time to pounce on those deals. There are some kee-RAY-zee specials available this month, allowing you to live a life of luxury for less.

We’re not yet quite into bonkers busy season, so take the time to try out some new dining experiences while you have the chance and tables aren’t all booked up. See what happy hour deals there are to be had, as lots of bars embrace the 2-for-1 mathematical magic that’s music to our ears.

Even the most upscale spas on the island are now easily within your wallet’s reach, so there’s no reason to not treat yourself. Hey, why not even turn it into a weekly indulgence until the specials cease to be? By the time gala season rolls around, you’ll be mineral scrubbed, massaged, pampered and ready to go to the ball!

Staying at a luxury resort or condo doesn’t have to be just pie in the sky either. You know what they say – ‘a change is as good as a rest’ – and at these rates, you’ll be resting all weekend!

Even if they don’t advertise them, the odds are good that most of the local resorts have staycation specials that are kicking in by now. Just remember to take your local identification along with you and confirm what your hotel or resort will accept as proof of residency.

The atmosphere is definitely quieter on the island in the month of September, but that’s not a bad thing. There will be plenty of time to be very busy in the last quarter of the year.
Rather than finding excuses to stay at home, make the effort to find the deals.

Take a look through this month’s issue for some great ideas, and enjoy the September summer specials while you can!