Today History Meets Future

Farewell LIME, Hello FLOW

The telecommunications business in the Cayman Islands is about to experience a great change. Cable & Wireless has merged with Columbus Communications and so we say “farewell” to the LIME brand and “hello” to Flow!  

One Company: New Growth and Transformation 

The launch of the new retail brand is part of the company’s overall brand repositioning in an era of growth and transformation as two great companies are merged.

With LIME’s 50 years’ experience in the Cayman Islands, they are combining with Columbus, whose strengths include its technical innovation and customer-focused approach to bringing exciting new products to market and a better way of interacting with customers.

Why Flow? 

The combined strengths of the merged companies mean a new approach will be adopted with new capabilities and skills. This will be presented under a new brand: Flow. The Flow brand has been redesigned around the positive attributes that their customers value the most, such as innovation, value, customer focus and priority, and “going the extra mile” to serve them. 

What’s the Difference/What has changed? 

At Flow, their vision is to grow customer relationships and lifetime value by delivering an unparalleled customer experience. To deliver on this vision, they are embarking on a journey to build a world class customer experience organization. They have invested $50 million dollars over the last two years to build truly exceptional mobile and broadband networks, offering the best in mobile, broadband, TV and entertainment, and now their goal is to be the undisputed customer service leader in the Cayman Islands.

What’s to come? 

Customers come first: They are building their new customer experience organization, focused on delivering outstanding service with the right people and tools to deliver a standout product, which will enable them to improve the relationship they have with, and service they provide to, their customers.

They are expanding their on-island support function ensuring improved response times, and a greater ability to resolve problems quickly and effectively. Their call center support is being brought back into the region and customers will have multiple touch points including warm friendly service agents, email, virtual chat, and mobile app.

Interactive retail experience: They will be rolling out a new retail experience where customers will be able to interact with their products; clients will be served by friendly knowledgeable staff that will help them make the best choices and deliver the best value.


Your voice will be heard: Customer feedback will be crucial to their success and at every touch point they’ll ask how they’ve performed; are they delivering on expectations; and what can they do better?

Exciting new products: They will also be introducing a range of new products including a new Flow TV product offering customers a more interactive, feature rich product with compelling content that they can access across a variety of mediums, including smart devices, ensuring they can access their favorite content “on the go.”

The team: They will put renewed effort into building the best team of highly engaged people in the Cayman Islands and make Flow a great place to work. They will put a strong emphasis on training their teams and enabling them to achieve success both at the Company as well as in their personal goals.

The community: They will continue to work in partnership with community leaders including Government, service clubs and not-for-profit organizations to design and implement programs to ensure that they are partnering across the Cayman Islands in the broad areas of Sports, Culture and Community development.

What do Flow need to do? 

It is now time to combine everything they have learned from their past experiences, and to be cognizant of their LIME and Flow heritage so that they can be confident and secure in their future endeavors. It is time to enhance people’s real connections and display the power that their brand has, to connect communities and transform lives. 

The whole team will be responsible for delivering a fresh and dynamic brand experience. As Flow, their focus is on transforming the total customer experience; their ambition is to be best in class for customer service across the region, with customers’ interests at the heart of everything that they do.

Say “hello” to Flow!