Leap into 2016!

It’s a New Year and it’s also a leap year, so really make the most of that extra day and start putting the focus on you.

This issue is all about health and fitness, but that doesn’t just mean going to the gym or watching what you eat. It also highlights the importance of improving your well-being. Mental and emotional health are as important as physical fitness. Take the time to visit the spa and indulge in treatments to relax your body and mind.

Back in the day, there were limited exercise options. Walking, jogging, cycling, weightlifting and skipping were usually at the top of the list, but not all of them appealed to everyone. These days, there are thankfully myriad ways to get and keep fit without being bored to tears. Yoga, CrossFit, pole dancing, barre classes, Krav Maga and a host of other choices are now available in the Cayman Islands for people of varying levels of experience.

Keeping a routine exciting, interesting and social can make all the difference for those not naturally inclined towards working out. Think about what really interests you and try to choose a sport or dance-based option that makes exercising fun. There’s far more chance of you sticking to your New Year’s resolution if you don’t dread it.

Of course, healthy eating goes hand-in-hand with an active lifestyle. There’s no need to go all radical – like from burgers to beans overnight – in order to make a difference.

Take a look at some of the purveyors of good food we’ve got in this section. They serve up dishes created from fresh produce and locally sourced ingredients, and guess what? They taste delicious!

Gone are the days of celery sticks and cabbage soup. You can eat well and actually enjoy it. Who knew?

We at What’s Hot wish you a healthy and happy 2016.

Happy New Year!