Super Bowl 50 – Where to watch it

It’s hard to believe that the Super Bowl turns 50 this year. This annual event elevates the sport of American football to dizzying new heights, with award-winning ads at every break and a halftime show that features the biggest names in the music industry.

On Sunday, Feb. 7, Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara will be home to a seething mass of people waiting to see two teams meet each other on the green. The rest of the world will be watching the game on TV, where playbacks and commentary give them and inside look and breakdown of every move.

There have been some amazing Super Bowls over the years. Shocking upsets, stage malfunctions and thrilling plays – they’ve all been witnessed and more. The Super Bowl is also an extraordinary beast, in that it brings together die-hard football fans and folk who only watch this one game all year. It’s always a party, where beer, pizza and wings dominate the menu.

Bars in the Cayman Islands are no exception when it comes to celebrating the big game in style. From your classic sports bars to your cocktail lounges and resort restaurants – wherever there’s a television, there will be the Super Bowl.

Going out

If you’re heading out to watch the game, our advice is to get to your destination early. Very few establishments, if any, will reserve seating, for obvious reasons. It’s first come, first served, and you’ll want to have a good view of the screen.

Legendz, Lone Star, Coconut Joe’s and PD’s are top spots for this annual ritual. They’ve been around a long time and have become well established as places to go for pre-game food, fun and festivities, along with watching the actual football, naturally.

Those are just a few of the choices at your disposal, but make sure to check your local listings for all the bars showing the Super Bowl. The key is to look for drink and food specials.

Nostalgic moment: who remembers watching it projected on the petrol tanks from the deck of the Blue Parrot on South Church Street?

Staying home

Super-Bowl-party[1]Have friends around for a Super Bowl party at your place. Depending on your budget, you can get catering, pick up a platter from your favorite supermarket, or prepare everything yourself.

You can get decorations from one of the many party stores on the island and even create some games for everyone to play.

Not sure what to prepare? The Internet provides a wealth of information on the subject. Sub sandwiches arranged in the shape of a stadium is one way to go, but honestly, there are hundreds of suggestions from those who have gone before you who have perfected the art of the Super Bowl party. Take their advice and make life easy on yourself.