Beauty from the inside out

beautyIt seems that this is the perfect theme for our March issue with its new look. Sometimes dusting off the cobwebs and freshening yourself up is just what you need to feel more beautiful, inside and out.

There are many ways to tackle problems or areas you’ve been neglecting. Using high-quality products on your skin and getting plenty of rest are good places to start. Wearing clothes that are comfortable and stylish will put a spring in your step, and finding time to exercise to boost those endorphins can make all the difference when you’re feeling low.

Stay out of the sun and wear sunblock every day. Living in the Caribbean is wonderful, but it can prematurely age you.

There are many boutiques, make-up and beauty retailers, jewelers, spas and fitness companies to be found in the Cayman Islands if you’re looking to add some sparkle to your look or tighten up those buns. Definitely treat yourself to a facial or massage once in a while. Your body and your psyche will thank you.

In the end, remember that carrying yourself with confidence will go a long way to improving your self-esteem and get you noticed in all the right ways. Don’t aspire to be something you’re not.

Embrace your uniqueness!