Behind the scenes

Rock Gorgeous Hair

What can we say about Rock Gorgeous that their wealth of fans doesn’t already know? Their full service salon is a state-of-the art facility with talent and expertise to spare. When they say that they’ll take your hair to the next level, they mean it literally!

We weren’t sure what they’d be able to do for Monyque’s short locks, but Francis Omar, co-owner of Rock Gorgeous, knocked it out of the park – giving her a funky, young, playful look, and inserting short extensions in the back to add dimension and shape.

behind[1]It should come as no surprise that Rock Gorgeous has a second operation in Orlando, Florida, and is opening a third location in Austin, Texas.

The sky’s the limit for Rock Gorgeous.  925.4231

Stephanie Ford Makeup

What’s Hot has worked with Stephanie Ford on many cover shoots and fashion issues. There is no question that she is a makeup artist at the top of her game with a treasure trove of tools at her disposal.

She began her foray into the world of makeup in 2002 when she became a makeup consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics. Finding a passion for the industry, she began to develop her skills by making up the faces of family members and friends. It wasn’t long before she was in demand for professional shoots, runway shows and video productions.

Stephanie Ford is now one of the most sought-after makeup artists in Grand Cayman, and her wealth of experience working with many recognized photographers, agencies, crews and talent has garnered her accolades in the local and international marketplace.  938.8848