From 20s to 50s: How to age gracefully

age20s: Preserve and protect

It’s never too early to start aging prevention. Hectic schedules, late nights out and days spent on the beach can wreak havoc on your skin. This stress shows up in the form of dark circles, under-eye bags, and dull or puffy skin. Fine lines begin to creep up as early as your late 20s, so a quality skin care routine is key. Start with a glycolic acid based cleanser and an oil free moisturizer.

Use a separate sunscreen with an SPF 30 or above, rain or shine, January through December, regardless of your ethnicity.

30s: Exfoliate
Once you hit your 30s, your skin’s natural exfoliation process begins to slow down. The growth factor in your skin also decreases. This means that you start to lose a teaspoon of collagen from your face every year by the time you are 30. Continue with your glycolic acid base cleanser. You also need an oil-free make up remover. Using an eye cream both day and night might help to increase moisture and suppleness around the eye area.

40s: Strengthen

As you enter your 40s, your estrogen levels begin to change, resulting in dryer and thinner skin. Anti-aging products and creams with ingredients like retinoids and peptides are must-haves and always make sure to apply sunblock. Moisturize with serums containing growth factors and hyaluronic acid. Exfoliate – use a gentle face cleansing brush to help get rid of dead skin cells. Be sure to extend your skin care down to your neck and décolleté (upper chest) area.

50s: Beyond Hydration and Prevention

You should already be on a steady anti-aging regimen. As soon as you count 50 candles on your birthday cake, moisturizing should be your top skincare priority. Look for products with retinoids, peptides, alpha hydroxy and amino acids. You should be keeping vigilant with your sunscreen and moisturizers. You could always consider laser treatment surgery, Botox with filler or other non-invasive treatments.

No matter what age you are, make sure you exercise, eat healthy foods, don’t forget to get enough sleep (it’s called beauty rest for a reason) and if you smoke, stop.