Chances are you’ve heard of the green flash that can sometimes be witnessed just as the sun disappears below the horizon every night. Some believe it’s just a myth, but based on genuine reports from residents and tourists, it looks like there might be something to this green flash phenomenon.


My Bar is one of the few remaining properties on Cayman that hasn’t changed much over the years, and still sports a very recognizable thatch roof, just as it did in the old days.

Hurricane Ivan knocked it badly in 2004, but it came back and is stronger than ever.

Many have fond memories of this popular watering hole. Children who once used to play on the ironshore that surrounds the property while their parents socialized at the bar, are now regular patrons themselves. It’s nice to see that some things don’t change.


Growing awareness of the environment and having establishments such as My Bar join in the recycling programs offered by companies like the Cayman Islands Brewery, are changes we do want to see. The more bottles that are returned to the brewery for recycling, the better off the island will be.

On any given day, you may find Shauna-lee Goldbourne behind the bar – a charming Jamaican lady who has been working there for just over three years. She knows the brewery products well, and always serves them up cold.

My Bar at Sunset House – a legendary establishment – offers three chances for patrons to see green. It serves up Cayman Islands Brewery beer in draft form (Caybrew and Ironshore Bock), which means no empties to join the landfill. It recycles the bottles for the White Tip and Caybrew Premium Light it stocks; and it has a huge open verandah with an unrivalled view of the sea and horizon, just in case the green flash puts in an appearance.

So, get to My Bar, order a Caybrew, White Tip, Ironshore Bock or Caybrew Premium Light, and take a seat on the verandah before the sun sets. You never know when you might see that flash of green.