Bartenders are sometimes treated like servants or lower class citizens, when in fact their job requires them to remember orders, hundreds of recipes, be quick and work hours on their feet trying to provide good service to their customers.

Showing your appreciation for their skill, knowing what you want to order and being polite will go a long way. If, on the other hand, you want to know what really annoys them, read on.

  1. Snack out of our fruit tray.
  2. Rip your cocktail napkin up into tiny bits of confetti.
  3. Ask for another lime wedge so it can sit on the rim of your glass un-squeezed.
  4. Take up a barstool with your kid or purse.
  5. Make us wait while you try and describe the drink you had last week, made by the other bartender, who was not us.
  6. Use an extremely outdated name for an incredibly basic drink. Ordering a “Cape Cod” doesn’t make you sound like less of a vodka-cran drinker.
  7. Make us sit through your own personal history lesson on the transformation of the martini.
  8. Ask us to YouTube the song you want to hear.
  9. Debate last call with us.
  10. Debate happy hour with us.
  11. Tip us in cent increments.
  12. Order one lemon drop, two Irish coffees, and a Guinness — then expect all that to happen very soon.
  13. Monopolize all of our attention with your vacation plans.
  14. Come in, sit down, ask: “What’s cheap?”
  15. Wave, snap, or stare.
  16. Ask to charge your phone behind the bar.
  17. Inform us that we have beer on our shirt.
  18. Dramatically open your wallet in front of our face in an attempt to get served before the 15 other people who came in before you.
  19. Clean out the contents of your wallet on the bar.
  20. Grab our hand at any time for any reason.
  21. Post up on the side of the bar and block our exit.
  22. Place your drink beside the coaster that we kindly provided for you.
  23. Come in with your friend, order one drink each, then ask us to split the check between your two credit cards.
  24. Ask: “What’s on tap?” when there is a list right in front of you titled: What’s on Tap.
  25. Inform us that there are no paper towels in the men’s bathroom.
  26. Accuse us of forgetting to put alcohol in your drink because you can’t taste it.
  27. Freak out because we don’t stock Malibu.
  28. Pout because we have Svedka instead of Stoli.
  29. Get offended because we only have local beers on tap.
  30. Add a “round of waters” onto your order just because.