Cayman is considered to be a top spot for kitesurfing. Its combination of shallow waters protected by reef and breezy conditions makes it a rare and enticing prospect for surfers. Those who run businesses here that teach kitesurfing laud the island’s gifts, naming the Barkers area and East End as two of the prime spots for the best experience.

Chances are good that once you give it a try, you’ll be hooked and will return for more

The sport got some recent local press when a group of kitesurfers made their way from the tip of Little Cayman to Grand Cayman to raise money for the Cayman Islands Cancer Society. That, plus the annual TRIO event that brings international talent to these shores, clearly indicates that kitesurfing is not a flash in the pan – it’s here to stay. For the uninitiated, kitesurfing is like the hip version of windsurfing. When did you last see a windsurfer out there? Exactly! The former has completely eclipsed the latter.

The great thing about kitesurfing lessons is the relatively quick learning curve. Boards and kites are built to different specifications and skill levels, and with the harness you don that attaches you to the kite, it takes relatively little strength to master the basics. You’ll usually be taught in waist-deep warm water so you can concentrate on what you’re doing rather than worrying about your footing or the cold. Chances are good that once you give it a try, you’ll be hooked and will return for more. It’s hard to beat the exhilarating feeling of being lifted into the air above the water or skimming across the tops of the waves. It’s a pretty good workout to boot.

Don’t sit on the sidelines and watch as the kites go by. Get out there!


For kitesurfing in East End, see and in Barkers,