When you watch an ad about visiting places like Jamaica and other exotic islands in the Caribbean, there almost always seems to be a shot of happy people on horseback making their way through lush vegetation or along the beach.

horseback-swimming-goproCayman is home to a few thriving horseback riding businesses, which often take visitors and locals along the quiet sandy strips of coast in West Bay. Here they can make their leisurely way up the beach, or even head into the water to give riders and steeds a nice cooling off experience. It’s really the stuff of dreams for those around the world sitting in their office cubicles, longing for a vacation in the sun.

Spirit of the West and Pampered Ponies are just two of the companies in the horse riding business. They have horses that are friendly and tame with personalities suited to riders of all skill levels.

You do not have to have previous experience in order to ride, as those who have never sat in a saddle before will be given instruction and then led down the trail at a comfortable pace.

Riders of a more advanced level are given greater leeway. Both companies offer night rides, with Pampered Ponies listing a Full Moon Ride on its menu, and Spirit of the West listing a Moonlight Stroll, but these are available on limited dates as clearly one needs the moon to be at its brightest.

Based on the TripAdvisor reports, this is a definite bucket list activity

However, daily rides of varying lengths can be booked through their websites and perhaps this would be a good introduction to horse riding in Cayman if you’ve never tried it before.

Based on the TripAdvisor reports, this is a definite bucket list activity.


To book see pamperedponies.com or seahorses.ky where you will find a description of all the rides you can take and images from previous riders.