Kaibo in North Side is where everyone heads when they want a more relaxed island pace. You may laugh and comment that surely everywhere in Grand Cayman is relaxed. Just sit in traffic on Seven Mile for a while or attempt George Town on a cruise ship day and you will realize that perhaps there is less bustle elsewhere.

Kaibo is a legendary establishment on that northern coast with something for everyone. Boaters can pull up to the dock and spend the day mixing with patrons at the beach bar, while fans of more esoteric cuisine can head upstairs to the restaurant. Chef Laurence Tham, previously of the prestigious and Michelin-starred Auberge du Lac in Hertfordshire, England, has worked at Kaibo for many years and his menu  alone is definitely worth the visit.

One of the most attractive points of Kaibo is its design. It fits perfectly within the Cayman landscape, embracing the local vibe instead of overpowering it. It therefore makes total sense that Cayman Islands Brewery products can be found here.

Kaibo serves up Caybrew, Caybrew Premium Light, White Tip, Ironshore Bock and Twisted Citrus to customers on a daily basis. One of their most popular sellers is the Local Beer Bucket, promoted under the catchphrase “Taste the Cayman Islands.”

For the bargain price of $18, lucky customers can get a mixed bucket of 2 x Caybrew, 2 x White Tip and 2 x Twisted Citrus bottles. It’s a brilliant deal on a sunny day.

The staff collect up the bottles and store them in the brewery-provided crates, and they are subsequently picked up for recycling.

North Side is a pristine part of the island, so it’s nice to see that one of its premier family-run properties embraces this green initiative.

Head to Kaibo for the day or the night. We recommend the Luna Del Mar evening that happens once a month on the Friday closest to the full moon, with dining under the stars, chill-out live music and sky lanterns.