Flyboarding, for those of you who have been hiding under a rock recently, is the newest watersports craze to be making waves globally.

flyboarding-tallInvented five years ago, flyboarding was launched in Grand Cayman by Summer Water Sports Cayman (SWS) four months ago and has since been garnering rave reviews.

The activity involves a water jet pack-like device that you stand on. The board is connected by a long hose while water is pushed through boots with jet nozzles which push the rider skywards, up out of the water up in the air.

SWS’s Andy Huckle teaches the rudiments of the pastime on Seven Mile Beach. The lessons, lasting up to 10 minutes on the beach, are group sessions. During that time, Andy goes through flyboarding procedure and addresses any questions individuals might have.

The actual flyboarding is done solo with the rest of the group watching and getting pointers from the beach. “If the group is large enough, we have two set ups and can use both so we can get everyone flying more efficiently,” Huckle comments.

Customers are in the water learning for 20-30 minutes, depending on how long it takes them to get a hang of it. “We do our best to give everyone adequate time in the air,” the watersports operator adds. “Flyboarding is a feeling unlike any other,” notes Huckle. “Beginners can expect to be up and flying comfortably during their first lesson. Customers often experience overwhelming excitement after their sessions and are surprised by the easy learning curve,” he adds.

It is very easy to learn and most people get the hang of it in about 10 minutes

While “flying,” all participants are required to wear a lifejacket and a helmet. Not exclusively a sport for strong swimmers, Huckles says that it’s just as important that beginners are “good listeners and are willing to follow step-by-step instructions.” “It is very easy to learn and most people get the hang of it in about 10 minutes,” he remarks.

“During every lesson, there is a moment where it clicks and the user becomes comfortable and is flying around in control at 10-15 feet in the air (or often much higher!) by the end of their lesson,” Huckle concludes.


To learn to flyboard, book a lesson with SWS Cayman by calling 936-0669. For details about the company’s halfhour, hour-long and half-day packages, visit