Top 10 Things We Love This Month

Gelato1. Gelato for all

If we die and there’s no space in heaven, we’d be just fine to end up at Gelato & Co. in Camana Bay for the rest of eternity. This place creates the smoothest, most authentic gelato we’ve ever had. There are all the flavors you’ve come to know and love, such as Bacio and rich chocolate concoctions, but what really sets this place apart is its inclusion of local ingredients in many of its menu items. Yum!


Spirit of the Islands 1

2. Smokin’ on the water  

A trip on one of the Red Sail Sports catamarans is always a memorable way to spend the day (and make your friends overseas green with envy), as you lie out on the bow hammocks under the sun. The latest addition to the fleet – Spirit of the Islands – ups the ante with a slide at her stern and a professional grill onboard. Splash about in the water for a while, and then come back for delicious grub cooked up by a seasoned chef. Get ready to post those pics on social media.


Mad-Hatter-23. Be a Mad Hatter 

Anchor & Den in the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort is constantly surprising us with wild and wonderful things, and the Mad Tea Party is no exception. Every Saturday, would-be March Hares, Dormice, Cheshire Cats, Hatters and Alices head to a wonderland of teas, sweet treats and savory bites for the afternoon. The tea runs from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. and reservations are required. Just like Alice, however, you may find yourself staying longer than intended. Dare you fall down the rabbit hole?


4. Lush beverages  

The Bistro in Caribbean Plaza serves delicious French cuisine to fans of classic dishes such as Coq au Vin, Escargots de Bourgogne and Quiche Florentine. But beyond the food and an excellent selection of wines, The Bistro boasts a seriously impressive menu of creative cocktails. Our favorite is the Watermelon Lush – a heady mix of fresh watermelon, passion fruit, guava and vodka. It’s an excellent choice to combat the already hot temperatures. See the full menus at


5. Carnival time  

It’s Batabano early in May, when costumes, dancers, entertainers and DJs hit the streets to form a memorable annual parade. The Mas Bands seem to be getting bigger and bigger each year and even if you’re not a participant, you can still join in by lining the parade route and dancing the night away in downtown George Town. We guarantee that after seeing the pageantry and all the subsequent photos on Facebook, you’ll be getting measured for your own costume next year.


6. Queen Mirren 

Culture at the Cinema brings excellent productions from the National Theatre to the Cayman screen each month, but this month’s offering is sure to sell out. “The Audience” with Helen Mirren reprising her role as Queen Elizabeth II, was a huge hit in London’s West End and on Broadway in New York. It covers the private conversations between Her Majesty and many of the British Prime Ministers over the decades. You can buy tickets at the Regal Cinema box office.


7. Mother comes first  

Mother’s Day in the U.K. was March 26, but we tend to celebrate the U.S. date in Cayman. This year it is May 8, so make your plans to treat your mother like gold. Take her to brunch or treat her to a nice dinner at one of Cayman’s finest restaurants. Maybe book a spa day together, or buy her a piece of jewelry that she can appreciate for years to come. If you are planning to buy her flowers, order them early. Mother’s Day is right up there with Valentine’s when it comes to blooms.


8. Discover your island  

May 16 is Discovery Day in the islands, one of those blessed public holiday Mondays to which we all look forward. Why not make a plan to discover your island? We’ll bet that no matter how long you’ve lived here, there will be some place you haven’t visited or some experience you haven’t yet had. Be it a chance to get back to nature, or to venture into a nightclub for the first time, we encourage you to tread new paths.


9. Charter a party 

S.O.S. Tourz has thrown its captain’s hat into the ring with a boat built for party charters, capable of holding up to 20 people. LED lights that shine under the water and a built-in DJ station transform this vessel into something resembling a Las Vegas limo on the sea. What’s Hot readers should take advantage of an amazing initial deal – $500 for four hours for the month of May! Why buy a boat when you can rent one for the day at this price? Check out the SOS Tourz Facebook page for more info.


10. Power brows

MAC has just launched a new line of products tailored specifically to brows. Our favorite is the “Big Brow Pencil.” Don’t be put off by its chubby size – it allows for surprisingly precision application. Featuring a hybrid texture of wax and powder, it offers an all-in-one solution, perfectly filling in sparse brows while helping to ensure brow hairs stay put throughout the day. Use the built-in, removable cone-shaped sharpener at the end of the pencil to hone the tip for a more precise brow. Available at the MAC boutique on Cardinall Avenue.