Caymanian Frank E. Flowers of the local Flowers dynasty is steadily building a filmic legacy.

Since gaining directorial credits for his short films: Haven, Swallow and I Wish I Was Gay, he has been busy writing, drafting proposals and extending his résumé to include stints as a co-executive producer on the hit series The Ropes.

frank1 CayFilm is staging a 10 year anniversary screening of Haven on opening night; how do you think that will be for you?

Actually, I haven’t watched the movie for quite some time, especially this cut. I am sure when we do the transfer from 35mm film, right before the CayFilm screening, that it will bring back a flood of emotions, memories and “Oh, I should have done that with this scene,” moments.

What have you been up to recently? Do you have some projects in the works?

I try to keep busy. Mostly with writing, as I can do that while on the road. I have a few things in the works, one is a pitch we sold to Universal Studios about the early years of LeBron James, which is an exciting endeavor with a great team of producers.

This is the second year of CayFilm. Do you think it has the chance to grow into something truly significant on the international film festival circuit?

frank2If the time and effort is put in to make sure that the festival continues to grow, then it will become something special. Quality films, fun events and some Caymankind for our overseas guests will go a long way. There are so many festivals around the world that thrive for different reasons, CayFilm will continue to carve out its niche and people will discover it.

What advice would you give to young filmmakers keen to get into the business?

Don’t think about “The business”; create from the heart. If the story comes from inside you and from your experiences or unique world view, then there is no one else that can tell that story better. That is what will help you stand apart.

The first script you write or movie you make will probably not be your best work, so know that, get it done and get it out of the way. Then, use the lessons from that to make something else. Stay focused, against all odds. It takes a long time for most people to make a living in “The business” so find a way to stick with it and not get discouraged.