Gone are the days when filthy skin and craggy nails were considered manly. That is, unless you watch Duck Dynasty.

In the last ten years or so, men have begun to realize that getting facials, massages and manicures isn’t just for the ladies. Of course, they’ve even dipped their toes into the hair waxing waters, but that’s a horror story for another time …

Just like women, men get stressed and it reflects on their face, in their muscle tension and even in their fingernails that get bitten to death when deadlines approach and jobs are on the line.

Any modern spa worth its salt will cater to the male of the species as well as the females, with products and services specifically tailored to their needs.

Men have usually embraced the saunas and steam rooms of this world, but now they’ll discover a menu of treatments that go well beyond sitting in high-temperature nooks designed to sweat out toxins


A facial (or perhaps “male-cial”?) can bring untold benefits to the skin of a gentleman. Beyond getting rid of that excess oil that men produce, thanks to the testosterone flowing through their bodies, it will also give them a smoother shave.

Irritated skin, pimples and clogged pores can all lead to lumps and bumps that make shaving an altogether more annoying process. Facials will remove the dirt, tighten the pores, give the skin a smoother finish, and thus lead to a smoother shave.


The wonders of massage and the resulting positives it brings to people’s lives are many and varied. It can ease neck pain from staring at that blasted computer screen all day; relieve stress; help with depression; and improve athletic performance. Beyond all of that, it feels so good.

Even if you’ve had a massage previously, perhaps it was deep tissue, which is beneficial but a bit of a workout itself. Try a Swedish or aromatherapy one next time – calming, relaxing and wonderful.


It doesn’t matter what sex you are, dirty, bitten nails never make a good impression. A simple manicure (and pedicure, if you’re so inclined) can make a world of difference to how you present yourself. Pedicures aren’t just for tootsies either. They will revitalize your feet when you think you can’t take another step.