Top Travel Apps


If you think splitting the tab at dinner is hard work, just wait until you travel with a group of friends. Nothing wrecks a great trip like employing quadratic equations to sort out bills, foreign currencies and who hasn’t yet paid for that train ride in Prague.

The Splittr app is specifically designed to analyze, break down and split travel expenses between a group of people as they go along. Enter costs on the move to avoid days of headaches when the vacation is over, and boggle at the added feature of multi-currency calculations. For example, Pounds Sterling, Yen, Euros, and good ol’ USD are all supported.

The Splittr app costs next to nothing, yet is simply priceless when you think of all the flaming rows you’ll avoid.




When looking for a currency converter through Google, odds are good that the XE website will come up as a top pick. The information on that site is now available in a handy mobile app to help you navigate different countries and what your dollar is worth when you travel.

It has lots of extras, such as rates for precious metals and so forth, but unless you’re trading in gold somewhere off the beaten track, it’s the current currency rates that you’ll find most useful.

When you’re standing at the crossroads, trying to choose where to visit next, and wanting to get the best bang for your buck, the XE app will guide you. Did we mention that it works offline? Always saves the last updated rates.




Have you ever looked back on your holiday and tried to retrace your steps? Maybe you don’t remember exactly where you went, or perhaps the local brewery gave you … selective memory.

The LiveTrekker app marks every step of your journey, giving you a digital diary of your travels, complete with interactive map. It also tracks speed and altitude, so perfect for hikers and climbers.

Those who aren’t ambitiously active can look lovingly back at pub crawls in different cities.

Add images, video, audio and text and share your trip with family and friends.

What a great idea!



Time-Out-1Time Out

You know what they say: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. But how can you be like the Romans when you don’t know Rome from a hole in the ground?

The Time Out app, courtesy of the wildly popular dining and entertainment lifestyle mags, will take the guesswork out of your destination by suggesting nearby bars, hotspots, concerts, restaurants and anything else your little heart desires.

Star reviews are included, just in case you’re wary without a strong thumbs-up from the general public.

You can also book tickets and make reservations through the same app.