Even if you don’t have the vacation days left, or you can’t get away for more than a long weekend, Cayman is well positioned to allow you to experience a complete change of scenery only an hour’s flight away.

These trips don’t have to break the bank and can make a big difference to your attitude and sense of wellbeing. They have even inspired a new travel segment known as the Seekender. Seekenders are bold adventurers who take advantage of the weekend to pursue their passions. Sound like you? Then read on …

Target the four-hour mark
You don’t want to spend two days of your three-day vacation traveling, so pick a destination you can access in four hours or fewer. Following this rule ensures you have as much time as possible to enjoy your destination.

Pack right, pack light
Resist the temptation to over-pack by packing for versatility. Don’t forget to add a few accessories that transform outfits quickly, such as statement jewelry and summer hats. A simple packing trick to get the most out of the space in your carry-on is to roll clothing. You’ll fit more in and eliminate wrinkles.

Free up the itinerary
It’s tempting to pack as much as possible into three days, but you’ll end up stressed and exhausted by the end if you do. For long weekends, select one main activity you want to do – such as a tourist stop, museum visit or day at the beach – and leave the rest of the time open for casual exploration. Spontaneity often inspires the best adventures.

Stay on budget and eat well
If you can cut down on your food bill, your entire trip will be more affordable. When out and about, never underestimate the appeal of a picnic in a park – a more affordable alternative to restaurant dining.