Horoscopes – Your forecast for the month of August

Month of LEO

horoscopesLeo is the second fire sign, the second fixed sign and the first social sign. With Leo comes the first awareness that there are other people in the world. Although Leos are self-centered or centered within themselves, they magnetically draw towards themselves those they would love. They are quite unlike Cancerians, who seek outside themselves for someone to love them. Leos are filled with love drawn from their own heart center. They really do not need anybody, but they enjoy having a “court” of admirers and “loyal subjects.”




horoscopes-ariesMarch 21-April 19

This is a month of adjustments where you will separate yourself from people and situations that are not helping you emotionally or in terms of career. Legal affairs are bound to arise, so do keep paperwork in order and at hand and keep a note of dates and names of anyone relevant you spoke to.



horoscopes-taurusApril 20-May 20

August is a month of obstacles and barriers to get through. Your strength, commitment and belief will be tested. You certainly can get over the hurdles, but it will be frustrating. You will tend to doubt yourself, and you will push yourself to work harder and be more diligent and thorough to make up for that self-doubt.



horoscopes-geminiMay 21-June 20

This can be a stop-start month with you wanting to put your foot on the gas, but having to slam on the brake every five minutes due to something happening. There may be difficulties keeping everyone happy as you are pulled between commitments and obligations to people. You will end up having to choose and disappoint someone.



horoscopes-cancerJune 21-July 22

Optimistic and open-minded, you can achieve much in terms of reaching out and communicating with others. You are expansive in your expression and with your ideas, and the fact that you are being very philosophical about problems means you are able to take things on the chin. Learn from mistakes and move on quickly.



horoscopes-leoJuly 23-Aug 22

You are exerting a huge amount of energy to reach for what you wish. This is a highly significant month, where the sky is the limit in terms of what you can achieve. You have energy, enthusiasm, eagerness, diplomacy, quick wit, foresight and also the good common sense to be grounded and cautious in what you do.



horoscopes-virgoAug 23-Sept 22

This is a time when you will be optimistic, gung-ho and positive about life. You are more secure with your self-image and happier within yourself. You are projecting in an open, wholehearted way and will attract new people and new experiences into your world, which will benefit your life goals.



horoscopes-libraSept 23-Oct 22

Your powers of perception are sharp, and your judgment is good. You can take a broad view, which will aid you in making informed and wise decisions. You are feeling quietly confident and are communicating in a way that expresses this confidence and optimism, which means you can make a very good impression on people.



horoscopes-scorpioOct 23-Nov 21

Resourceful and full of determination, you can change yourself and the world around you – it is not a month of accepting things or leaving your life in fate’s hands. You know that no one can help you get where you want to be but you, and all it takes is the first step.



horoscopes-sagittariusNov 22-Dec 21

Pleasure is actually in the little things – you may have many big plans, but could just find that the best times come out of unexpectedly good moments which take no planning and don’t cost the earth. You may find that you are putting a lot of energy into things that no longer matter to you.



horoscopes-capricornDec 22-Jan 19

Personal achievements will be a priority. Emotional issues should be attended to when necessary. Improving your skills through advanced training and study will boost your career prospects this month.Independent action will have to be restricted and you will get things done with the help of others.



horoscopes-aquariusJan 20-Feb 18

There is a tendency to go a little overboard this month. Yes, the foodaholic and shopaholic within is just waiting to go crazy. But, hey – it’s August, which means that in the Northern Hemisphere most people are in holiday mood and ready to let their hair down. This is a really good month to spoil yourself.



horoscopes-piscesFeb 19-March 20

Someone once said, “Advice is useless that’s why it’s free!” However, advice from someone can be very useful. If you are having any problems making a decision, look for a second, unbiased opinion. You may feel bombarded with conflicting information. An impartial third person could clarify issues for you.