Horoscopes – Your forecast for the month of September

Month of Virgo


Virgo is the second earth sign, the second mutable or adaptable sign, and the second social sign.

Like the advertisement for a car rental firm used to say, “Number two tries harder,” Virgos try very hard to fix things up, to make improvements, to rearrange, to schedule and systematize. As an earth sign, it is practical, wanting to have a place for everything and everything in its place. Virgos also see their self-worth as based upon the validation of others. Their deepest desire is to be of service.



horoscopes-ariesMarch 21-April 19

Your strength and energy will be tested, as will most areas of your life. Things will reach breaking point, and you will have to make some decisions that will have an impact for many years to come. In many ways, once you have dealt with these issues it will be a huge relief.



horoscopes-taurusApril 20-May 20

September can bring an abundance of new ideas and opportunities, but you must listen and be observant as there is much you can pick up. The pace of events will be quick, and you will be travelling and meeting many new people. Sometimes you may be driven to extreme actions when under pressure.



horoscopes-geminiMay 21-June 20

Your mind is sharp, and you are keenly perceptive. You can get to the heart of the matter, and this can be ideal if you need to use your words very succinctly to have a big impact. Choose them carefully, however, as what you say can have a more dramatic effect than you think.



horoscopes-cancerJune 21-July 22

Disruption and general disorganization within your home can cause stress. Things will tend to break down and go wrong, so make sure your household insurance is up to date and check your cover. Issues to do with your parents may crop up unexpectedly and cause you some anxiety. Something unpleasant from the past may resurface.



horoscopes-leoJuly 23-Aug 22

Events in the world outside will have an effect on you. Be it politically or economically, changes in wider society will have an impact on how you work and the way you live your life. Be prepared, and “forewarned is forearmed” is the motto – there is no need for paranoia, but be informed.



horoscopes-virgoAug 23-Sept 22

Independence and freedom of both thought and movement and your right to express yourself is vehemently defended. The tempo of life’s events is fast and furious. You will not be able to sit back and relax as things will be happening, the phone will be ringing, and life can take some surprising turns.



horoscopes-libraSept 23-Oct 22

Expect the unexpected – this can be a hectic and surprising month for you. You are set to be very busy, and things will not always run according to plan. You will be having extensive and almost frenzied communications with people and must be sure that everything is understood clearly, as misunderstandings are possible.



horoscopes-scorpioOct 23-Nov 21

Be prepared for some disruption to your life that is beyond your control. You do not like surprises but this month you are going to have to roll with it. You will be inclined to speak and act rashly, and thus things can come to a head quite quickly. It is not a time of holding back.



horoscopes-sagittariusNov 22-Dec 21

Looking for support from friends may lead to you supporting them more than they support you. Do you know when sometimes you do someone a favor, and they actually think it was them that did you a favor? Well, that is just what can happen this month, and it can get very frustrating.



horoscopes-capricornDec 22-Jan 19

Unexpected events will test your commitment to the path you have chosen, as well as give you a chance to make changes. House moves, home renovations or living away from home is possible. This is also a time many Capricorns may fly the nest, leaving home or renting or buying their own first home.



horoscopes-aquariusJan 20-Feb 18

You can achieve both recognition and/or fame from something you write; be it a book, blog post, article or research paper. You can strike on something that is very important and relevant. Learning is especially exciting if you are a student, as what you will learn will seem especially crucial to understanding current events in the world.



horoscopes-piscesFeb 19-March 20

This is a month full of fun, novelty and excitement. You will meet new people and try new things. It is also a month of talents rediscovered! You may have a skill or an ability that you have not used for ages, but events could encourage you to start thinking about how you can use that talent again.