Despite social media’s widespread use in this digital age, an unfortunate few have been left behind, unable to keep up with the social media craze.

In the chaos, everyone has abandoned all previous forms of communication: your best friend takes approximately 75 years to respond to emails; the letter you sent to your sister has been put in a glass box and is now on display at the fossil exhibition of the natural history museum; and let’s face it, nobody ever listens to voicemails.

If you currently find yourself in such a situation, a quick read of this article will give you an excellent foundation from which you can launch your journey into the realm of social media.




Facebook was the first social media platform, and the one that inspired the rise of social networking. As a result of its head start, it boasts an impressive 1.59 billion monthly users, and it won’t be hard for you to become one of them. To create an account, simply go to the Facebook homepage and enter your details under the “Sign Up” heading. After that, you’re in! You’ll have access to all the great features that Facebook has to offer. You can follow friends, write posts, upload pictures, like and comment on your friend’s posts, follow celebrities, and organize events. These are just a few of the functions offered by Facebook, which is an all-round excellent way to stay in touch with your friends.



twitterThink of this as a simplified version of Facebook that was designed for people with the attention span of goldfish.

All the excess features have been removed, and what’s left is a streamlined and functional social media platform called Twitter. Set up your Twitter account in the same way that you would Facebook, and once in, you can write posts just like you would with Facebook. However, with Twitter you are limited to 140 characters, making posts short and concise. This is accompanied by the widespread use of hashtags, which attach tweets (as they’re called) to a searchable group of posts with the same tag. Users vary from ordinary people to news services, making Twitter the perfect way to get snippets of what’s going on in the world at any one time.



instagramAt its core, Instagram is a photo sharing social media platform, and much like Twitter, photos can be grouped by hashtags. With Instagram, users can upload photos and short videos to their feed, making the posts viewable to those who are following them. Despite Instagram’s roots in standard photo sharing, the platform has expanded to include Snapchat-like photo and video sharing, where posts are deleted after 24 hours. Setting up an account is as easy as entering your email and username. Join Instagram, and you’ll be among a group of 400 million monthly users that post everything from adorable cats to breathtaking landscapes.