Remember the days of VHS tapes, and (hold onto yourselves) Betamax? Top loader VCRs that weighed roughly around the same amount as a decent-sized coffin and penalty charges for returning films that weren’t rewound?

It’s hard to believe that we’ve come this far in a short period of time, where cable is being replaced by Internet, everything is going digital, and DVDs are taking up space in bargain bins.

The Cayman Islands are basically on the same wavelength as any other developed country, and with local companies investing in the latest and greatest communications technology, we can enjoy the same access to entertainment and media as the big boys.

Content control

More and more, consumers want to take control of what they want to watch, and this is especially true for the younger audiences. They have come to expect movies and shows on their terms, expecting them to be available on their schedules; not the other way around, like in ye olden days.

Digital is in

Things like cloud streaming and recording, including video-on-demand TV show options with “cable bundle” from telecom company Flow, are making that possible.

No longer is wandering aimlessly around the dial “de rigueur.” People want Over the Top (OTT) content services, offering additional features such as their system recommending shows based on past viewing patterns.

Netflix, once a simple DVD rental company, has evolved to become a major player in the game of digital content, adding its own original shows to great critical acclaim. In releasing full seasons at once, it has become a part of the binge-watching craze that seems to be sweeping the world. Rather than waiting a week to see the next episode, viewers can watch one after the next in happy succession.

Virgin Media, a Liberty Global owned company and parent company of Flow, is one of the first TV operators in Europe to offer Netflix as an add-on to the “cable bundle,” recognizing the multinational entertainment company’s importance in the market.

Refined viewing

How many times have you been watching TV and “switched off” during the ads because they are just not geared towards your lifestyle?  The industry is responding by creating packages/content and combining ads based on your viewing. Google Fiber, promoted as “A different kind of Internet and TV” is an example of a company on the case, refining its product to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Connection is key

Wanting all these wonderful options is understandable, but without the communications infrastructure in place, it’s all just pie in the sky.

Flow offers extraordinary broadband connectivity throughout the Cayman Islands, giving consumers access to amazing entertainment facilities and more.

The only limitations placed on viewing certain content in the Caribbean, are those enforced by U.S. copyright laws. Legal agreements to provide content are of paramount importance, and Flow is playing by the rules.

As time passes, more and more companies are legally authorizing their content to be viewed in the Caribbean, and Flow is committed to ensuring that all content it provides is legal. No secret codes that expire; no suddenly losing access through pirated signals being discovered … the up-and-up is the way to go.

Letting the entertainment Flow

Flow is the only TV service operator in Cayman to offer cloud streaming and viewing, including HBO and FOX TV shows available on the cloud. For example, all six seasons of Game of Thrones are available on Flow TV, on demand. So if you’ve wanted to catch up on what’s happening in Westeros, Flow TV has your ticket.

Who doesn’t love sports? Big sporting events happen year ‘round, so you want to use the service that provides your all-access pass to the action.

Flow has broadcast rights to Premiere League Football and the NFL Sunday ticket, and had them in place for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Future of TV

Time is money, as they say, and for years now, viewers have been at the mercy of their providers, spending a percentage of their day being forced to watch whatever’s dished out.

Times are changing, and we are in a new age where we can take control of what we watch, how we watch, and when we watch.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to go along for the ride and you’ll be amazed at the entertainment that’s out there.